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The Counter-Enlightenment is a movement that represents a general political view opposed to the ideas of the Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment Enlightnenment.png.

How to Draw

Flag of Counter-Enlightenment

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Fill it with dark blue
  3. Draw a circle in a darker blue
  4. Draw a circle inside of that circle in a yet darker blue
  5. Draw another, yet darker, circle inside of that circle
  6. Inside of that circle, draw a circle darker than the previous one
  7. Add the eyes and you're done
Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Blue #2C2786 44, 39, 134
Darker Blue #2C2967 44, 41, 103
Darkerer Blue #24224E 36, 34, 78
Darkererer Blue #131236 19, 18, 54
Darkerererer Blue #050429 5, 4, 41





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