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Be aware this wiki is a support base for Polcompball artists and casual browsers, not a an unbiased or trustworthy/fact checked repository for information about political ideologies. We do not condone or support any ideology featured in this wiki, it is intended purely as a showcase.

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This wiki is dedicated to Polcompball, a Polandball-inspired community focusing on the humorous interactions between personified political ideologies.

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This wiki is currently under development. Help us improve the wiki by visiting the List of ideology balls or List of regional ideologies pages and expanding on any incomplete pages there in accordance with our editing guidelines.

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TheGhostOfInky TheGhostOfInky 18 June

PCBA shutdown and comments disabled

Due to the PCBA wiki being shutdown because you couldn't behave we disabled comments here for the time being, we'll keep you alerted on any progress that happens.

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TheGhostOfInky TheGhostOfInky 17 May

Change of foundation entry

Starting today the foundation entry in the ideology infobox is marked as (EoL) and is to be replaced with the Notable theorists and Notable Examples entries.

Update from Denatidum on June 17, 2021 11:19 PM PT: The foundation entry has been completely removed from the ideology infobox. All existing entries are replaced with the notable theorists entries using MassEdit.

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Konlord 44 Konlord 44 6 April

A Public Address on the purge.

Like you may know, I did a small purge of ideologies on the wiki. People on the forums iddin't like that. I'm making this post to address questions regarding the purge.

Firstly I'd like to address the complaint that I did the purge completely without consulting anyone. This is false. I consulted the people on the Polcompball discord and all pages removed during the purge have been so with the appr…

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