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This wiki is dedicated to Polcompball, a Polandball-inspired community focusing on the humorous interactions between personified political ideologies.

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This wiki is currently under development. Help us improve the wiki by visiting the List of ideology balls or List of regional ideologies pages and expanding on any incomplete pages there in accordance with our editing guidelines. Ideologies that do not meet the notability requirements in the editing guidelines should have their pages created on the anarchy wiki instead.

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Konlord 44 Konlord 44 6 days ago

A Public Address on the purge.

Like you may know, I did a small purge of ideologies on the wiki. People on the forums iddin't like that. I'm making this post to address questions regarding the purge.

Firstly I'd like to address the complaint that I did the purge completely without consulting anyone. This is false. I consulted the people on the Polcompball discord and all pages removed during the purge have been so with the appr…

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TheGhostOfInky TheGhostOfInky 6 February

Ideology Infobox reworked

The ideology infobox, the main infobox used in this wiki has been updated significantly, the family relations are now EOL and actively being replaced with "influenced by" and "influenced" categories, the description/14 words has been removed due to redundancy/lack of adoption and the title1, image1, caption1 and quadrant(s) entries have been renamed to title, image, caption and alignments respect…

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OStAlig OStAlig 1 December 2020

Canon and non-canon have been merged

If you've visited the lists recently, you might've noticed 2 things:

  1. The lists are now organized alphabetically. This was done to prevent arguments over certain quadrant placings, something that has become far too common both here on the Wiki and on the Discord.
  2. The non-canon list is completely gone and is now merged with the List of ideology balls.

You might be wondering, why did we merge the two l…

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