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The following list contains the list of wiki moderators and their respective contacts:

Active Moderators

Theghostofinky-sprite.png TheGhostOfInky

DenMod.png Denatidum

Ktech-icon.png Konlord 44

Atzyn-sprite.png OStAlig

Monkeysszz-sprite.png Monkeysszz

Airisu.png SumisuAirisu

  • Message Wall: Message Wall:SumisuAirisu
  • Discord: Airisu#2542
  • Reddit u/Sumisu_Airisu

Inactive Moderators

Tunnle-sprite.png Cummleman

Monsoc2.png Phanpy100

Bisexual THETI National Capitalism iodied.png Violinium

Posadist.png Derpkat2391

Thread Moderators

Teaaddict.png An Imperialistic Tea Addict