Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

Soulism, formerly known as Ego-Communalism, is an Offcompass.png off-the-compass Libleft.png Libertarian-left ideology that believes that an individual should be able to do anything they desire, resulting in everyone sharing all their property (both private and personal) with everybody else because it is in everybody's best interest to share.

Furthermore, Soulism believes that not only should the hierarchies of state, capital, and reaction be abolished but also hierarchies such as gravity or inertia. Soulism believes this to be possible by ascending to a higher level of being or transhumanist technology.

Soulism believes that the individual is everything and his's ego is the soul, and its desires for laziness, leisure, drugs, etc. gotta be fulfilled in order for a truly sane society to be achieved and this can only happen through anarchy.


Personality and Behaviour

Perpetually stoned off his balls.

How to Draw

Flag of Soulism

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill the ball in with a lighter shade of black,
  3. Draw a triangle in the middle in light green and fill it in with the same color.
  4. Draw a rectangle cutting through two sides of the triangle with an outline of lighter black.
  5. Add the eyes and you're done!
  6. (Optional) Make the eyes pink (#FFC1D6) to highlight the fact that Soulism is as high as a kite.
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #202020 32, 32, 32
Light Green #00D900 0, 217, 0
Pink #FFC1D6 255, 193, 214





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