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To do List

If you're new to the wiki, but not sure what to do, you can:

Create pages with red links

If there are any pages that have a red link, click the link. This will open a blank editor with the title of the red link. To know about any ideology, read from Wikipedia, scholarly articles and political literature, as well as their founders and bibliographies. Pages that violate the Editing Guidelines will be subject for deletion.

Finish pages that are stubs

If there are any existing pages that are stubs, finish them. Fill in any empty headings and subheadings. All stubs can be found here.

Check any pages for mistakes and rule violations

If there are any pages that are finished or still being worked on, check the page for mistakes. If a mistake is spotted, make sure to fix the mistake. If it is a major mistake, put an "Article for Improvement" template on the top of the page. If part of the page, or the whole page is breaking a rule, point it out to an active moderator, and the problems will be resolved to the page, and for whole pages, deleted.

To do in the Community

If you're new to the wiki, but don't know what Polcompball is, you can:

Join the Polcompball Subreddit

You can join the community by getting around to polcompball submissions made by various users on the subreddit. You can be nice by making an upvote and making a comment, such as praise and feedback. If you're an artist, you can submit your polcompball submission, but it is recommended to read the subreddit's rules. If you're new to making Polandball style characters, check the Artistic Guidelines, which can help you improve on polcompballs for each submission to the subreddit. You can join the subreddit by clicking here.

Join the Polcompball Discord

You can also join the community by joining it's Discord server. The Discord server has hundreds of members, and you can communicate with the mods from the server, especially those from the subreddit and the wiki. It is the recommended way for communication in the communication, since Discord is one of the popular choices for online messaging. It has several channels that the server has, including channels for the subreddit and the wiki. You can join the server by clicking here.

What else to do