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Like you may know, I did a small purge of ideologies on the wiki. People on the forums iddin't like that. I'm making this post to address questions regarding the purge.

Firstly I'd like to address the complaint that I did the purge completely without consulting anyone. This is false. I consulted the people on the Polcompball discord and all pages removed during the purge have been so with the approval of other mods.

Another complaint I'd liek to address is that I did it with no reason. I did state my reasons on the discord.

  • The religious feminisms were merged because they weren't very unique on their own.
  • Utilitarianism was removed because it's a moral philozophy, not a political one. And don't respond egoism, since that means you're completely lack the capacity to understand the same word can have different meanings.
  • All the other ideologies were removed for not being distinctive enough.
  • French const. was removed at the request of Atzyn/Ostalig.

literally, look in the discord.

in the better news, we'll be adding 6 or so new ideologies. Those being: Messianism, Secular Satanism, Eco-Nationalism, Caste system, Byzantinism and Eugenicism (To represent IRL social darwinism).

Goodbye, and I hope this post helped.